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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wasatch Citizen Series is Back

Ski mountaineering racing in the Wasatch is back! On tap for Thanksgiving morning was a Vert 60 race. I arrived at Brighton early Thanksgiving morning to set out some wind blades for the starting line and transitions with Jason. Unfortunately though he forgot his boots, so I skinned to the top of the course solo, carrying a bunch of signage. When I got back to the start line I couldn't believe the mass of people -- someone got a head count of 90+!

Photo by A OK
I took it out hard enough to taste some lactate on the first climb. By my third lap JD had showed up and we raced together until the hour was up. I was pleased to get in 7 laps and 3500 ft of climbing. Good fun and crazy turn out. Looks like this season's citizen series is going to be the biggest yet. Someone is even making dramatic videos...

Wasatch Citizen Series from Kyle Walcott on Vimeo.

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