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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mount Timpanogos

Jason, Lars and I met up Saturday morning to get some vertical. We had the whole morning and not having been up Timpanogos it was an easy choice.

We stepped out of the car at the Timpooneke trailhead in winter conditions -- 20s F with a skim of snow and ice at 7500ft. At that point I took the liberty of mocking Lars' and Jason's choice of half tights, but really I was worried about keeping warm myself. Fortunately as we began moving the calm morning became continuously more pleasant.

A nice morning

After a nice social hour we were around 10,000 feet taking in the views and snapping some photos. From there the snow started getting deeper and our jogging pretty much ended at the saddle. We traded turns breaking trail through new snow drifts.

The slow travel had us thinking about how nice it will be to trade shoes for skis -- hopefully very soon.

Mt Timpanogos Summit
We all had plans for later in the day so we didn't linger at the summit. For me I went to support Dominique in her quest to swim a marathon -- over 42,000 meters for those metric types. In the process, I ended up swimming 6k myself.

Making waves in Lane 2

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