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Friday, October 4, 2013

Seasons Change

It seems only a week ago that summer ended and now it feels like autumn has wrapped up as well with the second cold front bringing snow to the Wasatch. It's a welcome change.

The summer was plagued by a frustrating running injury. Like most overuse injuries it could have been easily avoided -- too much too soon. And so a summer filled with trail running and off road triathlon goals came up short. It was a good time to work on mountain biking skills and use the bike to get above the valley heat. With what fitness I could put together I raced some local events including Park City Point to Point and Xterra Nationals.

Nearly recovered now, I've hung up the bike for the fall and have been getting out into the foothills and mountains on foot.

Today I had a nice trip up Mt Olympus with JD. With the snow overnight the ambience was excellent. We gained the saddle pretty quickly despite the snow, but the scramble up to the top was nice and slick. Fortunately any concern about going fast was quickly abandoned when we came across two mountain goats. They were already on the summit ridge and let us get quite close.

Photo by JD

There were several inches at 9000 feet, I'm sure a few people got out for the first desperate turns of the season today.

Here is an obligatory "Pano" shot using the new IOS 7 feature.

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